The Producer’s Report #155 | Final Audio Mix Happening Now
Jun 2012 24

(L to R: Wes and Kyle mixing in Room D at Clatter & Din)

I’m writing this while sitting in the studio at Clatter & Din with Kyle Kramer and Wesley Slover as they work to finalize the soundtrack mix for Project London. This is easily one of my most favorite parts of filmmaking because you get to see and hear it all come together. Right now Wes and Kyle are dialing in the bottom end. This sci-fi actioner has lots of hits, impacts and explosions. In fact, the guys just set sub-woofer levels for the opening battle at Benny’s Fuel & Repair to deliver some SERIOUS THUMP–you will feel it like a smack to your solar plexus!

In other massively cool news, I met Barry Gregg at the Edmonds Ferry Dock yesterday to take delivery of the final uncompressed renders of the color corrected reels of the movie. Code words for the hand-off, “Subject C Has Landed.” That means I will have all the final, finished movie elements this weekend! Well, almost all of it. I still have to edit the massive and amazing credit reel, which will happen as soon as I’m able.

The push is on to get the movie done in time for a special sneak peek which we are going to announce to fans who’ve added their email address to our email newsletter. Following this activity, we’ll start planning for the world premiere. And again, the people who have signed up for the newsletter will get the news first.

Many thanks for your continued support!



(L to R) Ian Hubert, writer director; Phil McCoy and Nathan McCoy, executive producers.

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