The Producer’s Report #156 | Where’s The Movie?
Nov 2012 21

This has been the number one question coming at us for some time now. I am very pleased to report that a RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT is coming within days. You will soon be able to purchase DVD’s, Blu-ray Disks, the Soundtrack Album and more. As soon as the final details have been worked out, we’ll be announcing and releasing the Kickstarter Campaign to raise the minimum amount necessary to master, author and replicate the disks.

Along with the Release Announcement, we are premiering a music video featuring a brand new song by by Half Acre Day, called Pythagoras Switch. The music video features the band performing along with new footage from Project London.

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(L to R) Ian Hubert, writer director; Phil McCoy and Nathan McCoy, executive producers.

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  1. Mark Keller says:

    Oh yeah! Still remember back when I first saw that Arizona animation test on the Blender Community forums . . . been a coon’s age!

  2. Tolkienfan says:

    I simply cannot wait! Will I be able to watch the premier over the internet?

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