Kickstarter Success! What’s Next? FAQ
Jan 2013 11

Thank you to everyone who has backed and supported us to this point. We are now focused on creating the assets needed to make disks! There are several steps in the process including the following.

  • Mastering the soundtrack album
  • Replacing missing ADR in the movie soundtrack
  • Master render of the movie
  • Fulfillment of digital download to indiegogo backers
  • Master render of bonus features
  • Finalize packaging artwork
  • Submit all movie assets for authoring and replication
  • Submit all soundtrack assets for replication
  • Return shipping replicated disks
  • Fullfillment of disks and other merchandise to Kickstarter backers


When are you going to offer the Blu-ray and DVD of Project London and the Soundtrack CD?

We are making plans to take orders directly from the Official Project London Website. This will take some time. And our first priority is to fulfill orders to Kickstarter Backers. So, if you would like to get an announcement when you can purchase a disk directly from this website, add your email address to the email newsletter list.

You offered NTSC. Will there be a PAL versions as well?

There is no current plan to offer Project London in the PAL standard. We are planning to make the NTSC disks region free so if this is an issue and you have multi-standard playback equipment, you can play it. If our plans change and we do decide to make PAL standard disks, the best way to find out will be from the Project London email newsletter. Add your email to this list on the Official Project London Website.

Will there be a digital download version?

We are working on this. Our first priority was to raise the necessary funds to get the physical media created. And it looks like we’ll achieve that goal thanks to everyone’s help. Once we have fulfilled our obligations to prior supporters (Indiegogo Supporters + Kickstarter Backers), we’ll be turning our attention to this possibility. The best way to find out about our progress on this is to add your email to the newsletter list on the Official Project London Website.

Final Kickstarter Results


  1. David Wagner says:

    Whooo !! I finally got to see the movie from the Indiegogo download :)

    Congrats to all of the makers of this movie.

  2. Hollis says:

    Any progress?

  3. Snu says:

    Looking forward to the digital download version – I really want to watch in HD, but I have no bluray player.

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