Thank You Kickstarter Backers
Apr 2013 24

Last Saturday I drove up to the Post Office with the last van load of packages for our Kickstarter Backers. Woot! I’m so delighted to have shipped all the Kickstarter Rewards. I’m also very grateful to our Kickstarter Backers for helping us get the move onto DVD and Blu-ray Disks along with creating our Soundtrack CD. Feedback has been coming in and I’m hearing that people are enjoying the movie and that is super great. Packages have are arriving all over this planet–from New Zealand and Japan to South Africa, Brazil, Russia, and all over Europe and the U.S.A.

It was really fun to put pins on the map everywhere a Kickstarter Reward was shipped. Check out the maps below. We had to break out the U.S.A. separately (bottom map) because Google Maps Lite doesn’t have a provision to handle more than 300 points in a map. We had 490-ish!

Here’s a look at locations where we shipped Kickstarter Rewards in the U.S.A. You’ll need to scroll around to see Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii.



(L to R) Ian Hubert, writer director; Phil McCoy and Nathan McCoy, executive producers.

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  1. Rick Cooper says:

    Great news! Looking forward to watching something this weekend if it comes. Didn’t see a push pin for Corpus Christi, Texas though so a tad bit worried I’ll have popcorn this weekend without a movie to watch it with. :) But I’m a patient and positive soul, my popcorn will not go un-eaten either way. :)

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