Interview: Paul Spooner
Feb 2008 03

What is your name?
Paul Spooner, aka Ziggy, alias: Dudecon

How old are you and why?
24 years. I have (to the best of my knowledge) strictly adhered to the law of constant forward temporal velocity, which has brought me to the age I am today.

What got you started in film work?
Stop action animation. When I was very young I saw “Mr. Mom.” I was quite frightened by the moving appliances, so my Dad did a short stop-action movie with me (in which our vacuum ate a sock) to demonstrate how special effects work. It was the start of a lifelong intrigue with animation.

What are you working on in the movie?
CG modeling, texturing, and animation. Mostly modeling so far.

What are your favorite movies?
The Emperor’s New Groove, Ratatouille, Enchanted, Hellboy, Star Wars (Episode III-VI), the Wallace and Gromit series, probably others I’m forgetting.

What would your mom say about Project London, the movie?
I told her about it, I seem to recall her response was “Here, can you dice these peppers for me?” Maybe I should have told her when she wasn’t making dinner.

What super power would you choose and why?
How about “The Power Cosmic”? Or the super speed of The Flash? Restricted to more reasonably powered “conventional super powers” (can there be such a thing? I submit there can!) I’d choose Telekinesis, since it can emulate many powers I admire. Flight, pyrokinesis, kill-with-a-glance, super strength, force fields and more could all be achieved with telekinesis. Plus, I could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without having to clean two knives!

What super power do you actually have?
I can be super-critical and cryogenically cool tempered at will.

What are your favorite bands and/or albums?
I don’t listen to much music. If necessary, I’ll say Nickel Creek, and the London Philharmonic.

If there were tigers roaming the streets and you had to defend yourself, what weapon would you choose?
Merkava Mark IV

What would you like to tell us about yourself that we didn’t ask?
I usually don’t tell people about myself when they don’t ask, and sometimes not even when they do.

What question are you glad we didn’t ask?
Can’t think of one really. Perhaps, “How much money do you make?”

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