Interview: Geoffery Simmons
Jan 2008 19

photography by Marc Studer

How old are you and why?
28 cause I look it! :)

What got you started in film work?
Love of the craft, enjoyment derived from learning, growing and expression.

What are you working on in the movie?
Saving the world as Benin Belabora, taking care of my niece Xing and helping Nebraska discover his gift and use it for good.

What are your favorite movies? Too many to mention but I’ll try-Purple Rain, Mission Impossible, Jason Bourne series, Casino Royale, 5th Element, Bad Boys, The Art of War, Money Train, anything with Steve McQueen or Marlon Brando or James Dean in it!

What would your mom say about Project London, the movie?
She’d say, “That’s nice dear”

What super power would you choose and why?
Flight ! Come on baby to see the world!

What super power do you actually have?
I can make a mean 3 cheese Spinach Lasagna!

What are your favorite bands and/or albums? Prince-1999, Lionel Richie-Greatest Hits, Elton John-Greatest Hits, Mary J. Blige-everything, Coldplay-Yellow, most everything from the 70′s-pop, funk, soul, rock, country!!!
If there were tigers roaming the streets and you had to defend yourself, what weapon would you choose?

What would you like to tell us about yourself that we didn’t ask? I would love to work with Christian Bale. I detest mushrooms. I am extremely sentimental love romance.

What question are you glad we didn’t ask?
What’s my problem?

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