The Ian Report #506 – Skype Magic
Aug 2010 05

So! Steve Rimpici and I are having a recording session this evening, getting the Oma dialogue. He’s recording himself over in New York, and I’m going to be able to hear him via Skype, which is a pretty rad setup.

Phil, Nathan, Mike, Simon, and I had a session Saturday morning listening to all of the sound work that’s been worked on so far, on an actual legit sound system, and everyone was really pleased. There’s a lot of innovation and skill at work, and it’s already becoming evident that we’re going to have some really original sounds. Like it or not, progress has waned a bit as we’ve been waiting for the computer system to get back up and running. As of last Monday, Phil let me know it was working and all the media had been reloaded onto it, and now I need to go in and make sure that all the edit time lines still work and replace any missing media!

So quite a list of to-do items can finally be started on.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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