The Ian Report #505 – Goodness!
Jul 2010 29

So the wonderful and talented Steve Rimpici is going to be the voice of Oma. I talked with him tonight and he has some great ideas on directions the voice should go. He sent me a six minute clip of various voice concepts, and I’m having a blast going over them all. It’s actually pretty surreal (in a good way); I’m listening to them in headphones in a dark room. Almost hypnotizing.

Branson’s been showing us some new graphic novel pages with words included, and holy cow! He’s as talented a writer as he is an illustrator. As much as I enjoyed looking at the raw pages, I’m drawn in tenfold now with the dialogue. It’s totally totally its own story, and holy cow I’m pumped to see more of it. We’re getting mockups printed of the new version (we also got a version printed of his original mock-up sketches—which I happen to have right next to me), to see how it looks in actual print; that’s gonna be awesome!

And yeah yeah yeah, edit system is still down—it’ll be back, though. You know what’s gonna be a blast? Being able to put all of this new material that’s been generated into the movie. Do you remember that pickup shoot we did, like, a month ago? I still haven’t seen the footage! Nobody has! It’s just sitting there on a tape! Goodness!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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