The Ian Report #503 – RAID!
Jul 2010 16

So… the new RAID system ended up being faulty, but it’s being replaced, and everything should be back on its feet Friday.

There’s been cool news in other fronts, though. Nate Taylor just sent me an animation of Arizona landing at Benny’s Fuel and Repair- probably the last character animation shot required for the film! I’m pretty pumped to be able to composite it. I’ve said it before, but the rate at which Nate Taylor improves his animation skills is pretty astounding.

Michael Martz posted a concept for the sound of the police lifter that I think will work really well. It’s a lot different than anything I’d anticipated, but will work brilliantly. There’s an undulating pulse that increases and decreases basing on the speed of the lifter.

SO! Hopefully by the next update there will be some really sweet stuff to report, with lots of editing done, and hopefully not no media missing from the drive recovery.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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