The Ian Report #502 – Heat Wave!
Jul 2010 08

Whew! Today was a scorcher, and they’re thinking even moreso tomorrow!

The the edit system is almost fixed, which is awesome news. Phil’s re-installed a billion plug-ins and programs on the machine; now all that’s left is the installation of the RAID 5 card. There are a bunch of new shots which, when laid in, will hopefully result in a next version of the film. I used to think that when I finished the last VFX shot, it would be a big triumphant moment, but the truth is that I’ve told my housemate, “This is it! Last shot for Project London!” probably a dozen times.

There’s some very exciting news from the music department, on multiple fronts, stuff we’ll be announcing sooner or later. There’s actually exciting stuff happening on a ton of crazy fronts, and it’s been a blast staying on top of all of it.

Stay hydrated, everyone!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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