The Ian Report #501 – Christmas in July!
Jul 2010 01

On an unrelated note, I just swung by my folk’s place—and there’s a closet here full of the stuff I never moved out! And a lot of it is awesome! Boxes of it! Gaffers tape, a clown mask, Commodore 64, ugly T-shirts, friend’s Wacom tablet they’ve been asking me to return… This is like a rad surprise Christmas!

Phil’s been updating the edit suite to Windows 7, and reinstalling the myriad programs and plug-ins needed to wrap up the film. Once that’s done, I should be able to slip in there and drop in the final VFX shots!

That is—excluding the few VFX required for the shoot we had last Friday. The shoot went fantastic! Barry Gregg, Nate Peirson, and Dave Hutchinson set up some totally fantastic shots for us (including a few bonus shots we weren’t even planning on). Michael Hayes did an excellent job running sound, and Michael Donovan and Jen Page were back in perfect form! Phil McCoy drove out and picked us all up some teriyaki for lunch, which was pretty fantastic as well. It was awesome seeing the folks again, and a huge thanks to everyone involved!

We are, as always, moving ever closer to the next (and hopefully final) version of the film!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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