The Ian Report #500 – Hats & Spell Check
Jun 2010 24

So, you’ve probably read about our pickup shoot this Friday, and all indications are still that it’ll happen smashingly. It’s always exciting. I’ve been trying to milk every bit I can out of every asset we’ve captured, and a chance to capture more raw assets is great. Mostly I’m just excited at the promise of picture lock for the sound team. I’ll say more after the actual shoot!

I’m heading out tomorrow to buy a new Arizona hat, which’ll be fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a hat shop. Just a store full of hats? I admit; that seems pretty ridiculous. “Would you like… a hat!? Or perhaps… a hat! You know what your head needs? A haircut. Why not cover it up in the time being with…. a hat!” Just—ok! We get it! You sell hats! Good grief! It’s like a shoe store—but for hats!

My spell check is completely insane. It underlines completely arbitrary words, about 5 every sentence. It’s consistent about the words it underlines, but it’s still arbitrary, and if you right click on the word to see “fine then, what do you suggest?” It’s just nonsense words it doesn’t even really mean. It’s pretty crazy, actually, and renders my spellcheck almost completely useless. (I’ve underlined all the words in this paragraph that it underlined.)

“Can I have a puppy?” “Sure, but you have to get it somewhere else! Unless if it’s a puppy hat.”

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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