The Ian Report #499
Jun 2010 11

(Photography by Marc Studer)

Ahhh, ah yes! Perfect! Yes, let’s have another day of rain.

So we had a scare this week. It was a very good scare! But I’ll tell you about it next week!

Things are happening with the sound design team! Tons of new ideas are flying around, and some fantastic brainstorming is going down! The collective pool of audio knowledge in this group is fantastic. I posted a bunch of clips from the film with breakdowns of the sounds of all the main sound-design elements in the film, and a few folks are posting their results! Brendan Hogan posted a clip with Chicago’s Defense Fleet, and an awesome sequence with the Arizona cockpit. Paul Miller posted a really great clip of the Goose taking off, with tons of layers of engine-startup sounds, and Michael Martz posted a clip featuring the BEAM satellite, Potential, and bunch of other concepts besides!

After all these years, it’s so crazy exciting to see this stuff happening!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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