The Ian Report #498 – Eureka!
Jun 2010 04

We had a revelation.

See, the movie has a main plot, and a subplot. The main plot is awesome, and involves giant robots and spaceships and lasers and things trying to eat the planet. The subplot has talking and crying and people and angst and sleeping. We eliminated one of them.

And I am so pleased. The film MOVES now! It wasn’t till making the cuts that I was really able to mentally distinguish between the main plot and the subplot, and realize how completely disconnected they were. The movie goes goes goes goes then sloooooows down for the subplot. Then it picks back up again. then slooooows down for the subplot.

The most common suggestion at the screening was, “trim out 10-20 minutes”, and this is exactly the 10-20 minutes that had to be trimmed.

To those of you reading this who may have a hunch which scenes were trimmed—I really do apologize. It can only be chalked up to my ineptitude as a writer back when I was 19; everyone involved was fantastic. You just have to understand, my dedication first and foremost is to creating a marketable, enjoyable film—and it is now much moreso. And Bryan Hanner; you’re still in there! We only changed scenes in which you were sleeping.

All that aside, the the CG being done for the opening additions is turning out fantastic. It’s some of the best stuff in the movie, in my opinion.

I’m gonna go floss.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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