The Ian Report #497 – Sandwich Theory & Practice
May 2010 27

Bam bam bam! Just a few more shots and the additional VFX are done!

Phil, Nathan, and I had a meeting this afternoon to discuss additional edits, and we realized a major sub-plot could be eliminated from the film. A sub-plot which was comprised almost entirely of dumb scenes.

I know it’s probably a bit weird to hear me talking about editing the film down so much, but think of it in terms of making a sandwich (think of everything in terms of making a sandwich). You take two pieces of bread, then you start putting things on it: lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayo- but then you start getting out of control. You lose your grasp of what makes a good sandwich, and start adding things like soap, or knives, or… linoleum? “Hey!” You say, “But that’s great! That’s a really unconventional sandwich! You’re really stretching the mold of what a sandwich can be! This is the next evolution of sandwich!” But the truth is that you’ve made a horrible sandwich. You’ve made a lethal sandwich with a double digit IQ. And you’ve ruined your kitchen.

Basically, we got rid of the linoleum long ago. Now we’re just scraping off the stuff that works in theory, but in actuality is horrible (like… horseradish or gray poupon (some people like gray poupon (why?))). And replacing it with crazy stuff that just might work (potatoe chips and banana slices?).

I’m gonna go floss.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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