The Ian Report #496 – Revisions & Floss
May 2010 20

(Photo by Phil McCoy: L to R: Dion LaBlue, hidden by Barry Gregg, Ian Hubert)

So, Jen Forbes is now in Nebraska. Which means I’m in charge of coordinating the next shoot/VO session. I’m not going to say the experience is making me appreciate Jen more (that is, for all practical purposes, impossible), but I definitely do not envy her back in ’07.

It’s going to be fun seeing a bunch of these folks again, though, as shoots always are.

That said, the revisions are going great! I have all the new additions storyboarded, and I’m heading in tomorrow to lay them into the timeline (along with a few new VFX shots). We’re reworking the VFX for a scene we did a couple years ago, and it’s fun trying to improve the overall feel of the scene, while still making the new shots (hopefully) match the old ones. We’ll see tomorrow when I put them in.

All that I feel these days is the thumping drive to get this thing done. Done done! Done done! Done done! (Say it out loud. Can you hear the thumping drive?)

Also; I am going to the dentist tomorrow. Bah! Teeeeeth! I love my dentist, but bahhh! Teeth!

I’m gonna go floss.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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