The Ian Report #495 – We Are Go Go Go!
May 2010 13

Based on the comments we got at the screening, we’re trying to really establish the characters and themes right off the bat, which means shooting some additional material for the opening, which hopefully will happen at some point within the next two weeks!

Another comment we got was, “More Nebraska voice over!” So I’m trying to use that as a tool to help solve some of the other things that were pointed out. What’s great about the voice over is it really allows me to re-contextualize a scene; just a few words can give the film an entirely different feel, or save a kinda awkward scene.

Phil, Nathan, and I had a great meeting on Monday regarding all of the things we gotta do in the future. Things like marketing, merchandise, defining different products and packages, and all that sort of stuff. It was pretty phenomenal; we had a whole window covered with a hundred post-it notes, each one listing a task we need to perform. Pretty darn exciting and a little mind-boggling, to see it in that context. A lot to take in, but pretty darn fantastic.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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