The Ian Report #494 – Wishin’ n Hopin’
Apr 2010 29

Here’s hopin’ the DVD exporting works! We’ve been having a nightmare of a time trying to create a standard definition DVD of the entire film—but Scott Gwin swung by yesterday evening and helped us get it all sorted out! At least, I hope it’s all sorted out. There are way too many variables, man! Regardless; MASSIVE THANKS to Mr. Gwin! He’s helped us out of a pit more than once!

I filmed a wedding down in Oregon over the weekend, which was a blast—but now I’m back.

We’re all really antsy to start up sound work—but it’s hard to jump immediately into it because of all of the great comments we got from the test showing; we’re meeting Saturday to discuss all of the ideas and possibilities floating around, so we can hopefully finally have final final picture lock done done.

Here’s hopin!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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