The Ian Report #486 – “Exosuit” The Novella
Mar 2010 04

Just recorded two more outstanding vocal performances from Jen Page and Jeannine Clarke this evening. We got some great stuff, which has already been plugged into the animation timeline. Yesterday we had a recording session with Michael Donovan and Josh Truax, recorded by the talented Justin Faylona. These are going to be some great new additions to the film, and it was awesome seeing all those folks again! I can’t wait for us all to be able to watch the movie.

I’m rendering out one last shot from Nate Taylor, featuring the Arizona exosuit leaping up from his back with a little help from his rocket. It’s pretty darn great! I think I’m gonna head in to the edit suite tomorrow and look the film over and see if there’s anything we’re forgetting (always possible!). Final picture lock is my biggest priority right now! It is an exciting one!

When I first wrote the script, I googled “Exosuit” and was surprised to find there were hardly any results- especially results pertaining to robotic exo-skeletons (unless if I’m completely manufacturing this memory… which is possible. It would have taken place 3 years ago—and it really doesn’t seem likely that it wasn’t already a common word). I was pretty pumped to have stumbled upon what I viewed as a ‘new word’. Since then, though, it’s become a pretty common. The end. Wasn’t that a fantastic story?

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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