The Ian Report #484 – Whelp!
Feb 2010 18

Whelp! Nate Taylor’s almost done animating the final shot on the VFX list! It’s looking pretty great!

I’ve been working hard on getting the storyboards set up for the animated intro/outtro. I’m spending a bit more time on it than anticipated, but I’m also arranging everything in 3D space and doing as much compositing as possible, so that when we get the final elements we can just switch ‘em out lickety-split and re-render.

It’s actually been fun, because I’m using a lot of techniques I generally only use for live-action compositing with these 2D elements (hand-held motion, flares, dust, slight parallax), and it’s giving it a pretty unique/quick style. Just a few more shots to go and I’m done with the intro!

Once that’s done with, it’s time to advance on to the “polish” list (the list of shots we’ve gone, “yeah, this is passable, but it’d be great to kick it up a notch”).

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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