The Ian Report #483 – Bank Jobs & Getaway Cars
Feb 2010 11

As always, every day that goes by is a day closer to release, and rarely has it felt so palpable! Well, we may have just gotten bad news regarding sound
design, my landlady says she’s going to kick half of us out, and it’s raining like a soggy dog.

But beyond that everything’s fantastic! I can literally count the number of remaining shots on one hand. It’ll be interesting to watch the film over and see if there are any shots that we forgot about. I’m currently tackling a scene I’ve done twice before, but was never really all that pleased with (I was never able to get that great of a key), and since I had to create an establishing shot anyways, I figured I might as well re-work the key. It’s lookin’ good!

A lot of you have expressed interest in our distribution plan and marketing strategy, so I figured I’d take a moment to break it down. As you probably know, the Independent Film market isn’t exactly booming right now, but we’ve found a way around this.

1st) We are going to rob a bank.

And… that’s… well that’s it, really. We’re gonna rob a bank. True, there are risks, but hey! This is filmmaking! (Actually, it is robbing a bank).

“But,” you may interject, “Will you also be distributing overseas?”

A very valid question, the answer to which will be obvious once you hear it; Phil will drive the getaway car.

I hope I’ve been able to clear up a few of your questions.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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