The Ian Report #482 – Momentum
Feb 2010 04

As always, every day that goes by is a day closer to release, and rarely has it felt so palpable!

I’d always assumed that once I neared the end I’d get a crazy second wind (or… 52nd wind), and finish it at a sprint like in a junior high cross-country meet—instead it’s the opposite. I’m finding keeping my momentum up to be more and more difficult. I’m still goin’ at it at the same rate, it’s just not as magically effortless as I’d hoped. Talking with other folks, it sounds like this is a pretty common occurrence with big projects. Probably some crazy psychological child-rearing thing, like, ‘Let them grow up and be free” just before they become an actual honest-to-goodness-interesting adult.

[PRODUCERS TIP: Instead of making a film, have a child, and name him/her, 'Film'. It'd be basically the same, if you discount the differences.]

We continue to have very cool news on the audio side of things, and equally exciting news regarding the opening and ending bits of the film (which remain the last bits to be polished). I think there will be even more rad news on those fronts in the very near future.

ALSO! Have you guys seen the news about the Graphic Novel? I’m absolutely psyched about the promo graphic Branson Anderson made. Check it out!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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