The Ian Report #479 – Blood!
Jan 2010 14

This week is the epitome of all previous weeks, with one exception: blood.

This is the week of blood!

Blood flying out of people’s backs! Blood splurting out of their chests to splat on the ground! Blood splurting around like people stomping on ketchup packets! ‘Blood steam’ rising up in the air from the wounds! There hasn’t been a single bit of blood in all the rest of the movie—then bam! Blood town! Population: This Week! Blood oozing in cracks, and oozing down backs, there’s blood and there’s guts, and it’s all goin’ nuts!

Oh man. It’s pretty great times. Trust me.

Compositor’s Tip: A bit of blood on the lens goes a long way towards making an otherwise lackluster composite really Pop!

We get our blood from DetfilmsHD! You should too! They have two whole discs of blood!

It’s bloody great!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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