The Ian Report #476 – Depth and Displacement
Dec 2009 10

This week is… exactly like all the weeks of the last few months! Still animating the final battle, and things are looking great! I’m currently compositing a shot from Nate Taylor, involving giant beasts and big missiles.

I had to create a higher-res version of Subject C’s head for an extreme close up, which I was able to do by rendering out a still and a depth map, adding all the textures to the still, then using the depth map as a displacement map, which allows me to simulate head rotation (you had to be there). I’m pretty darn pumped by how well it turned out; it’s one of the shots I’ve been curious about since we shot it (‘just how is this going to work?’)

I’m pretty darn pumped for the Half Acre Day show tomorrow night (info here); those guys are awesome!

Until next week…

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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