The Ian Report #475 – Pedal to the Metal!
Dec 2009 02

Whew! That Thanksgiving was a doozy! I had four separate thanksgiving dinners, I think—nice to finally be back in the swing of things (and I have to admit, it’ll be nice to stop being perpetually stuffed).

I’m discovering all my best animating moments are total accidents. Weird results in the IPO curve that somehow result in the illusion of motivated movement; I’m not nearly as nuanced of an animator to be able to do most of it intentionally.

MAN it’s cold outside. I’m writing this from my bed. I would turn on the radiator, but if more than one person has it on at once, the fuse blows, and I think Scott may have his on… probably not—but we’d rather not reset our clocks.

I’m hoping these next few days can make up for the insanity of this last week! The pedal is to the metal!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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