The Ian Report #473 – Ian Loves Nate!
Nov 2009 15

These days, it’s literally enough to just look at the “Visual Effects Remaining Spreadsheet” to get myself pumped to keep going. Every task I look at just makes me go, “I can do that! I wanna do that right now!”—and I do!

We’re not so far off, now.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Nate Taylor? He just animated one of the most rad shots in the whole movie; a shot which made me and my roomate both duck when we watched the tiny preview. I tell you; when this shot plays at the premiere, we’re going to be watching the audience and chuckling most heartily!

Unfortunately, I definitely am getting the flu… trying to take it easy and get lots of rest and fluids—we’ll see how it goes!

Honestly, the worst part about getting the flu is the total loss of my “drive”. That is; whatever intangible thing that usually makes me go, “I need to make movies and draw and write songs and build and create stuff!” totally disappears, sometimes for weeks. I can sit around and watch TV all day without feeling guilty (as opposed to now, when that time is about… 15 minutes). It always worries me a bit, because it’s a reminder that this thing that’s such a large part of who I think I am, and which exists with no explanation, could disappear instantly forever.

One of the most annoying/facinating/terrifying/exciting things ever is that there is no absolute definition of “you”. “You” is a balance of totally contradictory impulses (“Hey! I find your personality quite engaging! I’d enjoy exchanging ideas with you. Also; we should make a baby”), and an infinite number of variables (diet, sleep, hormones, temperature) decide which one will come out on top. For a person who values consistency so highly, this is a really annoying fact!

And that is all.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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