The Ian Report #472 – The Week of Awesomeness!
Nov 2009 09

Ah! This is turning out to be a crazy awesome week.

I’m finally hitting an animation groove, where stuff is actually turning out how I want it to. Render, send to render farm, composite, repeat!

Also; Awesome News! (More exciting for me than you, I promise)—I found this tutorial utilizing this awesome script to export blender camera motion to after effects! I’ve been waiting for somebody to create this for years! Before this, I had to actually render out a grid (or array of dots) out of Blender and track them tediously and innacurately in After Effects—a process which frequently required hand tweaking to look right. It’s a process that’s taken up dozens of hours of my time, and it’s awesome to now have a faster/easier/more-accurate method!

Nate Taylor’s animation turned out awesome when rendered—and he’s pumped for the next shot (involving 3d motion tracking of an aerial plate!!!… I’m pretty pumped, too).


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

p.s. – Just for grins, I created a breakdown of one of the simpler VFX (visual effects) shots for the film. If this kind of thing interests you, click here.

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