The Ian Report #471 – Kung Fu Arizona!
Nov 2009 01

So I’ve been trying out my animation legs again… trying to animate some more of the final battle, and it’s going a lot better than expected! I was able to complete one of the more ambiguous parts of the fight, “Random Kung Fu Stuff”. Admittedly, it’s not actually “kung fu” at all… more them just bashing on each other—but hey! I dig it! Knowing that creating a full shot of Arizona and Subject C battling from scratch isn’t going to be total nightmare is a weight off my mind (so far, everything involving both Arizona and Subject C has been animated supremely by Mr. Veggie)!

Nate Taylor’s also animating stuff for the end; a crazy awesome backflip/land bit. It’s looking great, and I’m excited to get it in, since once it’s laid in I think the majority of the end of the battle will be done.

Gettin’ there!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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