The Ian Report #468 – Quite a good week!
Sep 2009 25

Running in a billion different directions at once, trying to get settled in in a new home in Bellevue (it’s quite nice), and living life. I’m all for it!

I got a good half dozen of the Nathan-Vegdahl-Animated™ shots for the finale rendered and composited, all of which look pretty darn legit (including several involving a giant photo-realistic CG shipping crate, created by Paul Spooner!).

The render farm is working quite well, when I’m not messing it up! (Does this happen more frequently than I’d care to admit? Absolutely! Is it still a really good system? Heck yes!)

We’re probably going to be going through reviewing some reels for final review at some point in the near future—always a fun time! Once the reels get locked down we can hand them off to the audio guys so they can make them crazy epic!

And that is that! I wanna see if I can finish all the visuals before my birthday; that would be awesome. Yes. Yes.

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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