The Ian Report #467 – Aaaaa!
Sep 2009 14

So! Subject C is all rigged and awesome by Vegdahl, (including his eye, created by Paul Spooner). I’m doing a texturing pass, exploring with UV unwrapping for the first time. It gives me so much more control than I’m used to—and takes so much longer (there are, like, 100 pieces that make up Subject C, and they all have to be unwrapped, textured, and tweaked). The bumpmaps are looking sublime.

Nate Taylor did a test animation, getting used to animating Arizona- and it looks RAD! I’m quite pumped to take on the rest of the ending scene with him.

Vegdahl’s back down in Portland, preceding his trip back to Amsterdam to work on the Blender Institute project Durian (which will be awesome).

So yes! Overall, things are crazy in progress! I can’t wait to start rendering out the stockpiled animation!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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