The Ian Report #466 – SUBJECT C WORKS!
Sep 2009 07

After 3 or 4 months of trying to get the mesh downrezed and all that, we finally have a win! Nate Taylor successfully got us all the Subject C bits so that Nathan Vegdahl could sit down and, for 3 long days, do nothing but normal map the high-res geometry onto a lower-res version model! Piece by piece! For all of the hundred pieces! Glorious, but incredibly painstaking!

Thanks to both of you!

Vegdahl’s currently going through and making all the “gummy bits” (the flesh) on Subject C deform/bend properly when it moves—another painstaking process, but fortunately not one that will take quite so long!

I was able to finish up a huge chunk of all the pieces that are left to do besides the final scene. It’s my goal to have everything but the ending battle done ASAP, so that I can focus on it 100% (although at some point I need to go in and make the opening sequence really rock).

Thanks again to everyone! Things are lookin’ good!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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