The Ian Report #463 – Scott Burnett and ADR
Aug 2009 18

I had a meeting with Scott Burnett regarding music yesterday—always a good time! There are so many scenes that are going to benefit from a good soundtrack, and so many that are going to be stronger without them, and it’s just a blast exploring our options.

Can I just say a word about Scott Burnett’s name? This is a question for everyone who reads this: what’s up with the double “T” in the English language? We don’t actually say the second T at all… it doesn’t mean we emphasize the first T any more than we would have anyways- what’s the point (besides awesomeness?). The fact that both his first and last name end with double-Ts I find interesting, and most mysterious!

Having finished another major slew of shots (all the Arizona cockpit shots (thus far), I’ll admit I’m having a wee bit of trouble getting momentum up for the next assault, so I think I’m gonna step back and work on a totally different part of the film. I’m jumping to the middle, and finishing up the last few FX shots we have in some reels that are keeping them from total picture lock, which means we’ll be able to let the audio guys attack ‘em!

Ra ra ra!

I just attended (somewhat briefly) an ADR session with Jen Page and Geoffery Simmons—what a blast seeing those two again! The session went extremely well, and it’s always a good feeling fixing problem scenes so quickly. Thanks Ed, Geoffery, and Jen!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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