The Ian Report #462 – Bugs! and Nathans!
Aug 2009 08

Grrr! I hate having to troubleshoot bugs!

You know, when you reach the point where it’s like, “Ah! This should work!” And then, for whatever reason, it doesn’t? And you have to spend hours- sometimes days- figuring out why that is!?

I suppose I’m sounding needlessly pessimistic if I refer to it as “Making it stop not-working” as opposed to “making it work”, but that’s been our experience with Subject C the past few weeks. Nathan Taylor got the model to a point where it should be perfect, but it won’t work on our machines, so he works hard to down-res it, and for some reason some pieces of geometry refuse to down-res. And he and Nathan have to work to figure out why it’s buggin’ out.

All that said, nothing’s really changed this week-

OH! Except for our rendering capabilities! Nathan McCoy has an awesome rendering computer, and we have the render folder synched up on Microsoft’s Live Mesh- (meaning if you add or remove a file in the Render folder it appears or disappears on both of our machines), so normally I would upload a file to be rendered, send him an email, and he would get it rendering when he had a chance after work.

Nathan Vegdahl wrote a python script at the suggestion of the other Nathan (McCoy), that would automatically render out any files places in the synched live mesh folder, and put them back up.

Meaning that I can just drop a .blend file into a folder on my computer, and the rendered frames come back within minutes.

It’s a pretty incredible system, for which I am crazy pumped. It’s already been a huge help.

Also; apparently you can only be in this update if your name is Nathan.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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