The Ian Report #460
Jul 2009 24

Huge shout-out this week to Nate Taylor! He’s finished modeling Subject C for the final ending battle! Taylor’s been with us since the beginning of post, devoting crazy amounts of time to the project while also going to college and living life- this film is going to be so much better because of his contributions.

I’ve been working on a lot of repetitive stuff, lately; various types of VFX shots that are repeated over the course of the film. For example, we have a good forty or more shots in the Joint Command control room, all of which have to be tracked, keyed, and have all the monitors replaced with our own content.

Peter Kovacs has been working on assembling a 3d version of the location of the ending battle, using a ton of tricks I’m unfamiliar with. It’s really interesting seeing the techniques he’s whipping out. Very talented guy.

I just started work on putting the new footage of Josh Truax (filmed at the recent reshoot) into the CG cockpit made by Paul Spooner for the ending battle- they incorporate really well, and I’m pumped to keep working on the shots (which is good, because there are 20 or so).

After looking through the ending sequence last night, I realized that, with a couple of exceptions, every single shot requires some sort of visual effect added. Just dozens and dozens of shots- some simple, some really complex. When I was writing the script I had no idea. I figured, “Eh, it’ll be a dozen CG shots of the ending battle or something”- incredible.

So once again I must thank all the people helping in all these tasks as we swiftly move towards completion!

Thank you all!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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