The Ian Report #459
Jul 2009 11

I’m working on a pretty fun shot. A robot suit kneels down and opens up its cockpit, a pilot climbs inside, the cockpit closes again, and the pilot begins controlling the suit. It’s a combination of a lot of different elements; a robot I made years ago, and rigged and animated recently by Nathan Vegdahl, a cockpit designed and modeled by Paul Spooner, an acting performance from Josh Truax, which was filmed by Barry Gregg, and a bunch of crazy compositing work. …These are the types of shots that remind me why I love CG.

There are some cool tasks just about to be wrapped up- I’m really interested to see what this next week holds!

We’re on the cusp of rendering a couple shots, which I think will be a big milestone for the ending scene; the first render of Subject C and Arizona. Once we’ve done that, the ball is crazy rolling!


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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