The Ian Report #458
Jul 2009 07

The shoot last Monday, as previously noted, went swimmingly! Everyone on set was incredible, and I can’t wait to start putting all the footage together, first thing tomorrow.

Jen Forbes logged all the footage on Friday, Phil’s capturing it, Nathan McCoy is labeling all the audio clips, and I’m going to be syncing/editing it all over this next week- excellent!

Nate Taylor’s finalizing the Subject C model- adding some giant claw hand things and veins and things. It’s pretty grotesque.

Peter Kovacs is still working on a replica of the lot; I’m CRAZY excited to see how it’s turning out.

Paul Spooner just made a totally incredible leather chair for the cockpit. A DIGITAL leather chair. I wish I could sit in it.

Nathan Vegdahl’s animating more crazy ending shots for the crazy ending battle. It’s crazy. I’m just blown away every time I see it. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this ending is going to be so much more insanely awesome than I ever thought.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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