The Ian Report #455
Jun 2009 07

Holy cow, it’s gonna be nice to have a movie that doesn’t end anti-climatically. If anything, I think the ending is going to be disproportionately good compared to the rest of the film- I don’t think this is bad!

These things happen in waves; as we go through each sequence, it takes time to get all the pieces and files and models and everything from everyone all put together. Slowly an equilibrium is reached, where the assembly line’s really working, and stuff really starts getting churned out. It’s usually at this point things get kicked into an even higher gear from the sheer awesomeitude of seeing everything come together so quick- this is a great place to be, and we’re not there quite yet.

So just what are some of these pieces that are slowly coming together?

Peter Kovacs is creating a 3d replica of the lot, based on a bunch of reference pictures and footage we shot- this is awesome, as before I was just assuming we’d have to play it by ear on a shot-by-shot basis, using various background stills (and limiting our POV options to my height or lower).

Nathan is going through and animating a ton of crazy awesome shots of Arizona and Subject C- getting them ready for the day when we can finalize the texture and start rendering these puppies!

I’m working on compositing various greenscreen shots we did for the ending, and making the crazy robot control arms Nebraska uses when he controls the big robot exosuit- sitting in a cockpit being worked on by Paul Spooner.

Plans are also underway to shoot a few more additional elements somewhere in the near future, so we’re tracking down old costume pieces, and random props. It’s gonna be a blast.


Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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