The Ian Report #454
Jun 2009 03

This week [last week] was fairly uneventful- I’ve been working on storyboarding the ending battle, and I’ve basically wrapped that up. Nathan Vegdahl and I did a lot of jumping around the backyard with sticks going, “RA! I’m Subject C! Stab stab stab!”, choreographing the ending battle and trying to think of crazy ideas.

Storyboards are an awesome (decent) means of communicating ideas visually, so the first couple pages I drew were really detailed, to show every bit of action, and were taking me far too long to draw. Eventually we realized that, since Nathan was going to be animating all those bits (or at least coming up with the rough blocking), they didn’t need to be as detailed- since Nathan helped me choreograph it all in the first place.

Subject C is nearing completion! We have a method enacted that allows multiple people to work on him individually, and we can put him all together whenever we want- meaning more progress is indeed being made! Nate Taylor’s working on finishing up the sculpting work on his exoskeleton, and Nathan’s just about done with rigging.

We’re going to be doing a reshoot of some of the ending bits, and Phil and I are heading out in a couple minutes on a prop run at the Boeing Surplus Store, to see what mysteries it may hold. Wish us luck!

And now- back to work!

Ian Hubert
Writer Director

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