The Producer’s Report #111 – Awareness
Apr 2010 10

(Josh Truax as Nebraska Higgins, shot by Barry Gregg during a pickup day where we shot a brand new scene for the middle of the movie and augmented shots for the completely epic final battle.)

The Project London “Awareness” news release, dated March 23, 2010 unveiled our all volunteer, almost no budget movie to the world. It was sent to numerous movie news outlets, popular culture and science-fiction & fantasy blog sites.

As of this writing there are now:

52 known news reports/blog posts featuring the movie or one or all of the Project London teaser clips
226 fans following Project London on Twitter
2,068 fans on Facebook
1,230 fans signed up to receive our sometimes monthly email newsletter
300 members of the entertainment news media and related bloggers on our press release email list

YouTube Play Statistics:
11,431: Multiply Teaser on the Spiral Productions Channel (in 19 days)
11,869: Multiply Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel (in 4 days)
18,098: Unleashed Teaser on the Viso Trailers Channel (in 4 days)

Vimeo Play Statistics:
25,700: Multiply Teaser (in 19 days)
93,100: Unleashed Teaser (one year)
36,100: Benny’s Fuel & Repair Teaser (two years)

Our current focus is sound design and picture lock. Ian and I have been interviewing interested sound designers the last couple days and hope to meet the rest of the local candidates in the next few days. We are very close to picture lock, and will be showing the film to a short list of filmmakers as soon as I can work out the logistics.

More news next week. Stay tuned!

Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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