The Producer’s Report #108 – New Teaser Tuesday!
Mar 2010 21

Our regular Saturday management meeting was moved to Sunday this week to accommodate busy schedules and allow more time to finish work on the new teaser clip and review Project London with all of the visual effects in place. Today’s meeting was a good one. We put all 10 reels together and watched it end to end.

Nate’s comments, The film is completely amazing; seeing it with all visual effects is a stunning and wonderful experience! The teaser clip will knock your socks off.”
The new Multiply Teaser Clip, featuing exclusive music by Half Acre Day, will premiere this Tuesday morning at Shorewood High School with Marty Ballew’s video production class. It will appear soon  on the official movie site, Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

We will also be publishing our first press release along with the clip. Project London Media Relations Guy, Ken Jager has prepared a terrific release for entertainment media news outlets and blogs all over the place (local, regional, national). Our goal is to put ourselves on the radar screen of everyone who cares about the success of crowd-sourced independent film-making.

Current Top Priority: Recruiting a sound design team. Interested? Contact Phil McCoy at phil at projectlondonmovie dot com.

We have an ad for sound designers on Craigslist and posters up at Shoreline Community College and The Art Institute of Seattle. A number of sound designers have responded and we will be communicating with them shortly to talk about next steps.

The Sound Design Team (so far, we need more help!):
Justin Faylona
Bob Forward

Our meeting ran so long today, we didn’t have a chance to pull together recommendations. Perhaps they’ll return next week.



Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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