The Producer’s Report #105 – Huzzah!
Feb 2010 27

It’s done! It’s done! The VFX list is finally done. Now on to more fun. We still have a lot of work to do including picture lock and sound design. Really fun stuff. The photo above features Half Acre Day at the final review for the mix on Multiply, their sizzling new track that will be featured in Project London as well as the new teaser clip that will be released soon. (L to R) Matt, Matt, Brin (mixer), Dusty, Paul. Love you guys. (Missed you Marty.)

Status of Visual Effects (VFX) Shots: Done! We declare victory. And now we exit the battlefield looting dead bodies as we go. What’s next? Picture lock, polishing, sound design, Starbucks, a quick nap, mixing, mastering, marketing, premiere, distribution, world domination. We are targeting a justice department anti-trust investigation as a measure of the success we seek. Yeah babies.

This is the space where you will see the next bit of tracking data and it will be around Sound Design. Doom: “Chips. All over the floor.” (calculated by Ian)

This week’s recommendations:

  • Ian: “Valluzzi”
  • Jen: “The Hurt Locker” Awesome directing.
  • Nate: “Bad” by The U2. It’s good.
  • Phil: “Bounty Blue” by Balloon Shop. Hilarious.

Cheers, Phil McCoy, Executive Producer on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right) ProducerReportBanner_540px Sign up for our sometimes monthly email newsletter. Become a fan of Project London on Facebook. Follow Project London on Twitter.

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