The Producer’s Report #97 – One Big Fail
Dec 2009 19

This week smelled like something that had been dead for about three and a half years. Lie. I was utterly repulsed by what I saw today, and I no longer have any faith in this project. Lie. I wish to assault physically the last three years. But that’s an intangible object. So I’m taking it to the streets. Lie.

Hey, just shaking it up a bit today. The truth is, I’m “over the moon” about all that’s happening.

Here are the stats:

Status of Visual Effects (VFX) Shots:
Number remaining: 39 (LESS THAN 40 Woot!)
Number in progress: 4 (Wow that’s 10%!)
Number completed: 580
Percentage remaining: 6.3% (That’s a full percentage point in a week! Huzzah!)
Total VFX: 650 (a bunch were completed before we started tracking them)

Doom: “Maniacal Laughter” (calculated by Ian)

Projected date for completion of all VFX:
26 January 2010 (based on projected time estimates of all tasks)
8 February 2010 (based on spreadsheet items completed per week)

This week’s recommendations:
Ian: “Brick” It’s a good film.
Jen: “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly Clarkson. Because it’s a profound statement of affection.
Nate: “The Wretched” by Nine Inch Nails. Classic NIN – intense.
Phil: The “Assault Girls” trailer. This looks like fun!


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), also Executive Producer and Phil McCoy (right)

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