Project London to Screen @ SpoCon!
Jul 2013 18

We are delighted to accept the SpoCon 2013 invitation to screen Project London at their Sci-Fi / Fantasy Convention this August 9-11 at the Double Tree Hotel—Spokane, Washington USA. SpoCon is an all volunteer organization that shares our love for the visual and performing arts. They regularly bring together people of all walks of life under the common banner of science-fiction, science, & fantasy to illuminate the possibilities that humanity can achieve.

The Project London screening is scheduled for Saturday, August 10th at 5:00pm. Check the SpoCon Schedule for updated information.

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August 10th: Screening at SpoCon.

August 17th: Screening at Gen Con with Q&A panel including Jen Page (Xing) and Nathan Taylor (Blender Artist). Official selection of the Gen Con Indy Film Festival 2013.

September 21-22, 2013: Appearance at the Rose City Comic Con

March 28-30, 2014: Appearance at the Emerald City Comic Con



  1. Tim martin says:

    The screening at SpoCon was very well received! We spent time going over the history of the film, how it was made, etc. After watching, we had a short discussion of it, then I did “trivia” contest and the winner went home with the DVD we played!

    Thank you for the opportunity so show Project London!

    • Phil McCoy says:

      Tim, thanks so much for the report. Thanks for your help and support with the screening. We are very glad your audience enjoyed the experience.

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