New Kickstarter Campaign to Turn Project Manhattan (Prequel Novella) into a Graphic Novel and Motion Comic!
Apr 2014 01

I’m delighted to announce that we are partnering with Thunder Frog Studios to take the Project London prequel novella, Project Manhattan, and turn it into a graphic novel and motion comic! Yup! And we’re gonna do it through Kickstarter. Check it out!

Project-Manhattan-Photos-098-Edit_175pxThunder Frog Studios is working with top talent to create a wonderful realization of this epic story written by Caleb Wheeler. Caleb is even consulting on this new graphic novel to provide details, back-story and to make sure that characters and story arcs from Project Manhattan that appear in Project London are 100% congruent with the movie. Plus, word is, if this Kickstarter is successful, Caleb has a story outline for another prequel that details the fall of the Nalardian home world—more epic fun!

So please consider supporting this new Kickstarter campaign. You can visit it and make a contribution by clicking this link. You can watch the video we prepared for this campaign below. And you can watch the original trailer we produced for Project Manhattan.

New Kickstarter campaign video with music by Wesley Slover and Half Acre Day (Project London: Unleashed! Teaser):

Project Manhattan trailer:

Thank you so much for supporting Project London. Your thoughtful consideration to support our effort to turn Project Manhattan into a fabulous graphic novel is much appreciated.

Phil McCoy
Executive Producer
Spiral Productions LLC

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