The Producer’s Report #131 – Final Last Pickup Shoot: Officially Done!
Feb 2011 02

The last pickup shoot officially wrapped a few minutes ago. Seen here in this photo (L to R): Barry Gregg (DP), Ian Hubert (Writer Director) and Michael Donovan (Arizona). Not pictured, Brad Notman (Sound).

Finally! Done! Thank you Barry,…

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Jan 2011 27

First up, and very cool, the “Project London: Multiply Teaser” appeared at the recent CES thanks to Eric Krzeslo and company, SoftKinetics. They used the clip in their gesture controled media player. Very cool! And they are going to do it again at GDC. Double cool. Thanks Eric!

We are scheduled to snag the final shot of the movie with Donovan! The shoot is scheduled for the 2nd of February—holy cow It will…

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The Ian Report #527 – Edging Closer!
Jan 2011 21

Hello everyone! Only 49 more weeks till Christmas!

Some very good news in a number of areas! For example: Every Visual Effect in the Film is Done [basically—more on that later]! Yup! Little tweaks and the like have all been done, and there’s not a storyboard left in the film!

We have one final shot…

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The Producer’s Report #130 – Project Manhattan
Jan 2011 13

I am really pleased to tell you that Project Manhattan, the prequel novella to Project London is just about finished. Caleb Wheeler has written a corker. No lie! Evidence: The images (above) behind…

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The Ian Report #526 – Missiles Launched!
Jan 2011 11

Some fun news this week! We submitted the film successfully to SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival)- and we’re hopeful they’ll accept it! They have a list of entry criteria, and at this point we alllmooost meet all of it- so we shall see! Oh man. That would be way too fun.

The prequel novel and…

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Dec 2010 30

So the time has come! Phil has filled out all the information, and he’s sending in the film as a submission to SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival)! They’ll accept it for review even with incomplete sound design, so we’re going to give it a shot. Apparently the paperwork was pretty monumental- but! All done now!

More awesome news? A side effect of the submission is that we can finally post the film on IMDB! (they have a thing where you have to be a…

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The Ian Report #524 – Christmastime is Here!
Dec 2010 23

     Is everyone ready for Christmas? I am! Mostly.

     Particularly because Phil McCoy just brought me “Creativity and Energy…

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The Ian Report #523 – Happy Holidays!
Dec 2010 19

I’m working hard to get the last bit of visuals done by January, with a minimum of all the storyboards replaced by Christmas. So far, progress goes well!

Coordinating final pick-up shoots and the like is more tricky–folks schedules aren’t exactly aligning, and it’s been kinda burden for a while now; it’ll be nice when that last shot is in the can.

But right now I’m looking forward to the holidays and the new year. I’m really thankful for the work everyone has done on Project…

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The Ian Report #522 – So! Things move!
Dec 2010 09

Things are happening! I wish more were happening!

We’re working hard to see if we can get everything ready to meet the January Seattle International Film Festival deadline, and it’s an honest unknown at this point! My personal goal is to go through and at the very least make sure all the new storyboards are gone, replaced by final animation, so that when the SIFF folks get it, it’ll effectively look like the finished product. We also have one more shot we have to get if we’re going…

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The Ian Report #521 – Knock Out of the Park Rad Trailers
Dec 2010 02

Cool news of this week? Both Soren Laulainen and Phil Rogan have submitted trailer concepts, and they’re both knock-it-out-of-the-park rad! I admit, I’d always kind of wanted to be the one to come up with a trailer concept (and still might!), but I’ve been warned numerous times that directors shouldn’t make their own trailers, and I think these show why! The recontextualizing and mixing-up of the delivery of the narrative elements and shots is an incredible effort to explain the film in a brief…

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