Jun 2012 18

We are getting ready to make an announcement about a sneak peak of a FINISHED Project London! If you want to be the first to hear about it, you gotta be on our email list. You know what to do.

Since we first started…

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Director Update: 545 | Tiny Town
Feb 2012 05

When I was younger I thought all cities were the same size. All down-towns just a mile or two across, surrounded by endless suburbs. But man! After growing older and seeing a few more cities I realized: Seattle is tiny! It’s hard to go somewhere in Seattle and not bump into a place we filmed…

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Jan 2012 18

Whew! You don’t composite almost a thousand shots for a film without learning a few tricks! I learned a lot of time-saving techniques over the course of the past few years, and wanted to show you guys one of the cooler (though not as universally practical) ones; how to make some clouds and environments look 3d!

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Nov 2011 03

After years of people asking when the trailer was gonna be released, we slipped it out kinda quietly as part of the fundraising campaign—but there’s a lot of cool stuff going on in there.

Soren Laulainen is a good friend and has been one of the most helpful minds in regards to post for Project London. We did our second re-shoot and completely reworked the beginning because of him, and the film is massively more solid for it. He has the amazing ability to see a story, take it apart in his mind, and put it back together in a more powerful way—which made him amazing at editing the trailer. I don’t know if we asked him to make it, or if he offered, but the end result is pretty darn cool. Even moreso if you’ve seen the film, and know how much he’s recontextualizing the lines and shots to emphasize points.

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Director Update: 542 | Blender Rigs!
Oct 2011 24

You can go, right now, and download a ton of the best 3D models we made for Project London. You can mess around with them, and use them for stuff! Like, basically any stuff, if you give us attribution. We’ve just got a straightforward creative commons license on it.

These are some sweet models, worked on and made by some of the best Blender Artists I know. Paul Spooner, Nathan Vegdahl, Nathan Taylor, and Dolf Veenvliet. And I did some too.

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Director Update: 541 | Sneak Peek Scene Coming Soon!
Sep 2011 10

I spent a chunk of the day in Spiral Edit 1 last Wednesday, getting some small bits ready for release! Kyle Kramer, finished a fantastic bit of sound work, and we’re just doing some experiments with grading and the like. With any luck, we’ll have a “Sneak Peak Scene” available soon!

You might have noticed…

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Director Update: 540 | Some very cool stuff happening this week!
Jul 2011 29

Last Sunday we all sat down with Half Acre Day to discuss the filming of the music video for the song they wrote for Project London, “Pythagoras Switch”. It’s a crazy fun song, and it looks like the music video’s gonna be awesome too! Mike McCoy and Javier…

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Director Update: 539 – BAM! CLUNK! Awesome.
Jun 2011 17

I listened to Jesse Stuart’s idea for Jerry’s (the masked character’s) “voice” today. I admit, I wasn’t sure about the idea at first; there are certain things you can do with a non-speaking character that you can’t do as easily with a speaking character, and I didn’t want to risk undermining that- but…

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Director Update: 538 – Exploring the Studio Space
Jun 2011 02

By the time you read this, Project London will be even more awesome.
Last week I was fortunate enough to spend days working with Kyle Kramer, Wesley Slover, and Scott Burnett! Kyle and I spent Thursday in the studio exploring a mix of the first reel—it actually sounds like a real movie! A bunch of the music and…

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Director Update: 537 | Music To My Ears
May 2011 26

So we got a big treat in our inboxes: Half Acre Day’s original song for Project London, mixed by Tom Hall! The whole thing is just great. The lyrics are perfectly ambiguous/relevant, the melody is superfun, and the whole thing is as chock-full of hooks as a hungry Razortooth Trout. I don’t know when you’ll get to…

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