Director Update: 536 – The Sound!
May 2011 01

AH! So much has happened!

The sound for the film is coming together right before my eyes! Just yesterday I laid new tracks from Paul, Trevor, and Brian into the final reel, and HOLY COW it’s an entirely different experience. Punchy and rich and way more engaging. It’s great seeing little sound ideas…

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Director Update: 535 – The Ears of Destiny
Apr 2011 02

WHEW! I’m getting awesome sound after awesome sound from the sound team. Everyone has just been going above and beyond and…

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Director Update: 534 – Sound Design & New York!
Mar 2011 24

L to R: Me and Nathan Taylor

Whew! 8 hours of emails! After this update I’m gonna give my meat-fingers a break and do some finger yoga (make the peace sign. For an hour!) What kind of emails? The best kind of emails! We’ve been meeting with sound guys, and have 8 new crazy fantastic additions to the team, and I’m…

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Director Update: 533 – ECCC Recap
Mar 2011 08

L to R: Me; Caleb Wheeler, Author; Branson Anderson, Star & Author; Phil McCoy, Executive Producer

  • 3 = Number Of Days @ Emerald City Comicon
  • 361 = Number of times the trailer looped right behind our heads
  • 0 = Number of times…
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The Ian Report #532 – Seven Hundred Seventy Four
Feb 2011 24

Hey hey! We have internet! Just moved into a new place, and getting everything all going has been a small trial.

I finished counting all the VFX shots in the movie an hour ago: 774! [Editor’s note: The original number of VFX in the movie was 789, but that was in v.13. Since we cut a ton out to make v.15, the…

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The Ian Report #531 – Here It Comes!
Feb 2011 17

We’ve gotten our first shipment confirmation from the printer! The Emerald City Comicon editions of Project Manhattan are on their way!

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The Ian Report #530
Feb 2011 10

Mmmm. I love getting up early and watching the day start. Except that usually it is an accident.

More progress is being done on all the rad stuff from last week! Branson just submitted what I believe is the final version of the …

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The Ian Report #529 – Bam! We did it!
Feb 2011 04

BAM! The last shot of the movie is in the can. We did it.
We all met at Phil’s house with Michael Donovan acting, Barry Gregg DP’ing, Brad Notman Sound Recording, and I Directing. Everyone did a totally fantastic job! It was great seeing all those folks again, and having more time than we needed to…

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Jan 2011 27

First up, and very cool, the “Project London: Multiply Teaser” appeared at the recent CES thanks to Eric Krzeslo and company, SoftKinetics. They used the clip in their gesture controled media player. Very cool! And they are going to do it again at GDC. Double cool. Thanks Eric!

We are scheduled to snag the final shot of the movie with Donovan! The shoot is scheduled for the 2nd of February—holy cow It will…

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The Ian Report #527 – Edging Closer!
Jan 2011 21

Hello everyone! Only 49 more weeks till Christmas!

Some very good news in a number of areas! For example: Every Visual Effect in the Film is Done [basically—more on that later]! Yup! Little tweaks and the like have all been done, and there’s not a storyboard left in the film!

We have one final shot…

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