The Ian Report #516 – PICTURE LOCK!
Oct 2010 29

So! We (almost completely) have picture lock! That is, we’re going ahead and operating as if we do, since barring only two single instances in the film, the entire thing is locked down. This is a HUGE milestone. It means we finally have the…

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Oct 2010 15

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! And so it goes! Progress is still, as always, being made towards picture lock. The goal was to have it as soon as next Saturday (possibly!), but it requires a single (and final!) simple re-shoot. However, the one actor involved in the re-shoot isn’t available for a couple more weeks! I’m going to be shooting a temp version of the scene tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m working on…

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Oct 2010 08

Last week I made a mock-up version of Version 15, which looks like it’ll be the final version of the film! It includes a bunch of new changes involving plot-twists and edit tweaks. The producers and I watched it last Saturday, and talked over some of the changes, and we’re all feeling really good about it. It has some seriously huge alterations, story wise, but the actual amount of new work that has to be done is minimal, just a few(ish) shots. This week I’m trying to get us as…

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Sep 2010 30

My goal for this week is a simple one: take the ideas and plans I like, collected from the screening and various brainstorms and put them into the time line, so I can watch the whole thing and see if it works at all. The goal is simple. Pulling it off is tricky. Even if I have a bit of exposition I want to slide into the film, and have a perfect place for it, making sure it’s in character for someone to say it, and having them say it without it being like, “Hey! Here’s this thing I’m…

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The Ian Report #512 – Feedback, ack, ack!
Sep 2010 23

Feedback and thoughts of all different varieties are still trickling in from the test screening a couple weeks ago. There are some totally brilliant suggestions, and we’re currently weighing the pros of the ideas against the cons of the work it’ll take to…

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The Ian Report #511 – Fallout From The Screening
Sep 2010 16

The screening went swimmingly! There was a great turnout, and the response was quite positive. I think a lot of folks were kind of blown away by the changes between version 13 an 14. What I think is interesting is that each screening version sets a…

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The Ian Report #510 – Shiny Little Disk
Sep 2010 09

So the day is finally here! A day. I guess not THE day. That’s something else. We tried doing a second screening a few weeks (a month!?) ago, but had to stop when we couldn’t get the film out of the computer. Now, however, success! The film is on a…

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The Ian Report #509 – Better News!
Sep 2010 02

So! Our big problem was, at its most basic, that we couldn’t get the film out of the computer. You wouldn’t exactly think that would be a problem, but it can be surprisingly difficult. It wouldn’t be a problem at all if our plans with the film were just to…

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The Ian Report #508 – Good News & Bad News
Aug 2010 23

So. So so so so. Good news and bad news. Phil, Nathan, and I watched the new edit of the film last Saturday, and all got pretty pumped. I know I’ve said it (several times) before, but it’s an entirely different film now. I’ll admit; the previous…

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The Ian Report #507 – Version 14!
Aug 2010 14

I remember when we started editing the film, back in the fall of 2007, looking at massive swaths of white text, saying what crazy VFX would be put there later. I remember looking at these spaces, wondering what it would look like when it was done. For a lot of it, I had no idea what it was going to look like. I didn’t even know what the designs would be; I just knew it could be done…

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