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Half Acre Day is the band that never sleeps releasing a slew of beautiful songs in their Lunar Singles collection as well as creating an exclusive new song, Pythagoras Switch, for Project London.The song premiered at the recent Seattle Interactive Conference, Battle of the Geek Bands competition where Sir Mix-A-Lot, one of the celebrity judges, commented enthusiastically about the song and the band.

We’re sharing this bit of the song with you now in hopes that it will inspire you to help us finish the movie. We have two major hurdles to overcome—color correction and sound design and mixing. Our campaign is almost over and we haven’t hit our goal by a long shot. That said, we are undaunted. We will press on and we sure hope you will help us with a donation and/or sharing links to the campaign everywhere on Facebook and Twitter.

Point people here to check out the campaign:

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Visit our page on to contribute to our fundraising campaign. Thank you! The Project London Fundraising Campaign:

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Writer director, Ian Hubert talks about PICTURE LOCK!!, sound design, SIFF, a brand new VFX shot shown here for the very first time!, and HATS! We’ve got hats!

Writer director, Ian Hubert talks about the newly assembled Sound Design Team, the first test screening of Project London, our progress toward picture lock, 789 visual effects, the Multiply Teaser, and preliminary ideas around self-distribution and the Project London Global Premiere. Woot!

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Ian Hubert
Writer Director