We Continue To Move Forward!
Oct 2007 27

You have been very patient. While things have appeared to be quiet, we have been making significant progress on many fronts all through September and October:

The edit system has been setup and tested. All the footage has been evaluated and is amazing. It is stunning to see all our work displayed on large and small HD screens at full 1080 resolution.

Project London is no longer the working title; it is the official title of the movie.

More people have joined the post-production team; more will be recruited.

A marketing plan is starting to be developed along with merchandising ideas, web strategies and approaches for distribution.

Our 3D artists have been churning out tank bots, paddy wagons, lifters, exo suits, floating buildings and much more. Their mastery of the technology as seen in the art they produce is pure magic.

Successfull animation tests have been completed at our render farm; access to this resource is truly appreciated and will take months (perhaps years) off the timeline to completion.

Capture and digitization of all camera orignals begins Monday (10/29). This will be followed by a rough cut edit for the purpose of sharing footage with our 3D artists so they can begin to animate elements inside scenes. It is our current belief that post-production will take between six to eight months.


Phil McCoy, Executive Producer
on behalf of Nathan McCoy (left), Producer and Phil McCoy (right)